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Geography and Environmental Sciences

  • Scientific and pedagogical direction - Master of Science
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
ON1: Interprets the current knowledge, scientific concepts and theories in field of tourism for solving the scientific and applied problems in new and unfamiliar contexts, multicultural and foreign environment.
ON2: Critically evaluates the scientific apparatus and successful practical experience in field of tourism for independent construction and implementation of research.
ON3: Correctly selects the system of independent research methods in accordance with nature of object and methodology of scientific direction in field of tourism.
ON4: Integrates the scientific-professional knowledge in higher school educational process of professional tourist education, specialized institutions of advanced training and retraining of personnel with higher education.
ON5: Develops a course curriculum with relevant scientific content and teaches the professional profile tourism disciplines based on modern scientific concepts using the newest educational technologies.
ON6: Implements the effective communications, interfunctional interaction and interaction with stakeholders during documentation development, management of sales and business-processes in tourism enterprise.
ON7: Performs the resource planning, complex economic analysis of various types for tourism enterprise activities and develops the measures for improve of economic activity’ efficiency.
ON8: Manages the human resources, supports the professional and corporate culture, compliance with mandatory requirements and standards for enterprise, institution, organization of tourism sphere.
ON9: Applies the newest achievements of tourism’ theory and practice for aims of predicting, planning and managing of tourism activities in the competitive, multicultural, foreign-language environment.
ON10: Applies the effectively, creatively, combinatorial of information resources and technologies, software, GIS, GDS for solve of the professional research, educational, practical tasks.
ON11: Consistently presents the his/her own professional ideas and activity’ results in form of presentation, report, article, scientific report, educational material in the multicultural and foreign-language environment.
ON12: Evaluates the level of his/her own educational training, builds his/her own personal professional practical, scientific, pedagogical activities and trajectory of professional development.
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