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Geography and Environmental Sciences

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ON1. to explain the manifestations of current climate change in Kazakhstan;
ON2. to apply information technologies to solve climatology problems, analyze and forecast weather and other meteorological areas;
ON3. to develop guidelines for testing the climatic uniformity of meteorological series based on WMO software;
ON4. to develop, improve and introduce into operational practice methods of long-term forecasts based on global and regional climate models;
ON5. to develop and introduce into operational practice the principles and methods of analyzing hydrometeorological information for the purpose of improving climate services recommended by WMO;
ON6. to conduct risk assessments of weather hazards, adverse meteorological conditions, environmental and socio-economic impacts of climate change;
ON7. to formulate the basics of regional, national and local environmental monitoring and ways to implement environmental monitoring and control systems;
ON8. to develop and improve guidance, regulatory and methodological documents (Manuals, Guidelines, Rules, etc.) for the maintenance of hydrometeorological monitoring;
ON9. to use modern methods of long-term weather and climate forecasting; predict regional features of the general atmospheric circulation and characteristics of the types of processes over Kazakhstan and Central Asia;
ON10. to assess the success of the applied methods of climate and meteorological forecasts;
ON11. to carry out research work on republican programs and international projects in the field of hydrometeorology; carry out educational activities;
ON12. to represent the value of scientific results obtained in the process of their presentation at seminars, conferences, congresses of the republican and international level; to defend their point of view in scientific discussions; to assess critically their professional competence and identify ways for further personal development.
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