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Geography and Environmental Sciences

  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
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  • Professional
Upon completion of this educational program, students are expected to be able to:
1. to demonstrate fundamental knowledge and understanding of the basics of the teachings about the laws of spatial distribution of modern geographical processes occurring on Earth.
2. use geographical knowledge to study local patterns of formation and structure of modern natural landscapes and features of their changes under the influence of human economic activity.
3. carry out research in the field of education, evaluate and interpret the results using modern methods and technologies;
4. apply the results of scientific research in solving research problems in the field of science and education;
5. to analyze and evaluate the methodological problems of modern geography in solving professional problems, to know the main stages of development of geographical Sciences;
6. use the latest methods, means and forms of organization of training to ensure the achievement of results according to the requirements of the state educational standard of geographical education;
7. own methods of organizing students to perform various types of work on geography, organize students to perform research and creative work, taking into account their individual characteristics and cognitive interests.
8. to organize and evaluate the management process using innovative management technologies corresponding to the General and specific patterns of development of the managed system;
9. to apply modern information and communication technologies and mass media for the solution of scientific and research tasks;
10. to be guided at planning of educational process on age and personal features of pupils, their motives, cognitive interests, needs and achievements;
11. use different sources of geographical information (cartographic, statistical, text, video and photo images, computer databases) to solve various educational and practice-oriented tasks.
12. get results and practical recommendations on the basis of complex geographical research using GIS and to conduct international research projects
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