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Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies


of Physics and Technology

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1. Analyze the state of scientific and technological progress in the direction of training, the achievement of new technologies in the creation of nanomaterials with desired properties, the methodology of scientific and technological developments for conducting experimental work on the creation of nanoproducts applied to the tasks of biology and medicine.
2. Conduct research in the research projects of the institutes to study the prospects and safety of the use of nanomaterials in the food industry; criteria for selecting and evaluating the methods necessary to obtain a specific target product.
3. The search for modern ideas about the basics of biotechnological and biomedical industries, genetic engineering, nanobiotechnology, molecular modeling, exploit modern equipment and equipment for the implementation of research field and laboratory biological work.
4. Analyze scientific and technical information, meaningful interpretation of the results and present the results of research in the form of reports, reports using computer presentations.
5. Develop research methods for analyzing modeling and mathematical statistics in the field of nanotechnology. Prepare reports on project work.
6. Participate in analyzing the production of various kinds of bionanomaterials from the cellular organization of biological objects, biophysical and biochemical bases, membrane processes and molecular mechanisms of life activity.
7. To possess information on the safety and quality of nanomaterials during their production, nanotechnology products, food products and medicinal products from plant and animal raw materials using microorganisms of various taxonomic groups. To develop methodological techniques for the study of food raw materials and food using nanotechnology; perform research projects at the Research Institute, be able to write reports, etc.
8. To study the methods of obtaining nanostructured composite materials for the food industry and nanomedicine, to use new methods and methods of research in the production of nanoindustry.
9. Apply methods of analytical control in order to control the quality of nanomaterials and introduce waste-free and low-waste environmentally friendly technologies for the production of nanomaterials.
10. Develop new research methods for obtaining nutraceuticals used in the food and medical industry.
11. Develop methods of modeling and practical application of biological nanostructures, nano-phenomena and nanoprocesses in experimental biology, medicine, and methods of nanodiagnostics, obtaining an act of implementing the results of research on the manufacture of nanomaterials and components of biosubstrates and biotissues.
12. To be able to present the results of educational and research activities in the form of scientific reports, abstracts, abstracts of articles, educational research and scientific projects, etc. The field of application of various types of nanomaterials and current problems of modern theoretical and experimental materials science in different countries, the main directions of application of nanotechnology for science, technology, human life now and in perspective.
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