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of Physics and Technology

  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
ОN1 demonstrate the skills of organizing and conducting scientific research in the performance of joint scientific work in professional activities;
ОN2 classify and determine the physical phenomena and their corresponding theoretical models, understand the methodology of conducting the experiment, describe the physical processes in heat power engineering, cryotechnology, ecology from the metrological point of view and formulate the problems of metrological support in the relevant field of professional activity;
ОN3 prove his point of view on a concrete physical problem in order to achieve joint goals and objectives;
ОN4 use the theory and methodology of scientific knowledge, as well as the basic methods of scientific research;
ОN5 apply research skills and abilities for the implementation of scientific research, obtaining, applying new scientific knowledge for solving urgent problems in the field of metrology;
ОN6 have the skills to analyze and write scientific articles, abstracts, and reports; to discuss problems arising in complex and unpredictable situations, to have the capacity for independent professional constant development; be able to present the obtained results in the form of reports, publications;
ОN7 carry out measurements of the main characteristics of experimental data by using technical documentation of measuring devices and original scientific literature to solve technical problems in order to reduce errors and achieve the required accuracy of measurements;
ОN8 apply the basic provisions and fundamental laws of physics, as well as their applications to specific real physical systems;
ОN9 apply the skills of choosing measuring instruments to solve specific measurement tasks, perform metrological calculations when processing the results of observations of a measurement experiment, and present measurement results;
ОN10 organize scientific research, including using the latest information and communication technologies;
ОN11 develop the necessary documentation for metrological support, metrological control and supervision aimed at maintaining the unity of measurements, high quality, and safety of products (services), high economic efficiency for producers and consumers on the basis of modern quality management methods by following the operating and safety requirements;
ОN12 to determine the basic requirements of scientific and research activities with the correlation of their own interests and the public using ethical values, as well as the interests of the team in the communicative sphere.
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