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Electric Power Engineering


of Physics and Technology

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ON 1. To summarize the main stages of the development of scientific and technological progress in the energy sector, to think critically and understand the role of history and philosophy in science and technology;
ON 2. Evaluate the main achievements of higher education pedagogy and the psychology of scientific thinking in order to achieve high results in research, the state of energy legislation and the quality of power supply systems, the state of advanced research in the field of alternative energy.
ON 3. Develop and maintain automatic control systems for local energy systems, microprocessor relay protection elements for local energy systems, electrical networks and systems.
ON 4. To carry out the calculation of electrical and electronic circuits using standard application packages, calculation and design of electrical networks and systems of electric power industry, renewable power supply systems, characteristics of small hydropower facilities
ON 5. Interpret and analyze the quality of power supply systems, problems in the implementation of local energy systems, the state of advanced research in the field of alternative energy
ON 6. To research materials of solar energy, technologies of solar, wind, hydrogen and thermonuclear energy, nano-engineering of the surface of materials and products in energy, environmental problems of energy
ON 7. Develop designs of electronic devices, solar and wind local installations, systems for the conversion, storage and recovery of energy, specifications and algorithms
ON 8. Experiment with materials of solar and hydrogen energy, with installations of plasma and thermonuclear energy
ON 9. To carry out mathematical modeling of objects and processes in the power industry according to standard methods, to simulate local enrhetic systems
ON 10. Design processes using computer-aided design systems, renewable power supply systems, elements of wind power plants,
ON 11. To carry out computer modeling in the field of high-temperature plasma, networks and systems, processes in power engineering and technology
ON 12. Build mathematical models of local objects and intelligent control systems, electronic circuit diagrams
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