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Biology and Biotechnology

  • Model of graduating student
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ON1. To organize scientific and biomedical research of biosystems in the research laboratories of the biomedical field, practical health care institutions, pharmacological and biotechnological centers.
ON 2. Apply modern methods of bio-medical research, develop and test modern equipment for conducting research in the field of biology and medicine in the context of leading biomedical areas.
ON 3. Work on modern biomedical equipment, use modern biomedical, research, information and organizational technologies in the workplace, apply knowledge, understanding and ability to solve biomedical problems within the interdisciplinary areas related to medicine;
ON 4. Conduct scientific experiments from the development of a research plan to the final results and summing up, using integrative methods of studying biological processes in living systems.
ON 5. To argue the relevance of the chosen research topic, independently formulate problems and tasks of scientific research in the context of various areas of modern biomedicine, determine the stages of research, find technological solutions for a research problem.
ON 6. To possess methods of computer modeling and methods of theoretical analysis of the results of scientific research, to evaluate and interpret the results of biomedical research to diagnose the functional state of the body, to explain the causes of impaired body functions.
ON 7. Analyze the patterns of functioning of individual organs and systems, use the basic methods of assessing the functional state of the human body for more successful therapeutic and diagnostic activities.
ON 8. On the basis of laboratory tests and studies to prevent functional states, recommend a set of measures aimed at preventing the development of impairments or at eliminating (complete or partial) pathological conditions that have already occurred.
ON 9. Comply with the essence of the basic bioethical principles, legislative and regulatory documents that ensure a responsible attitude to wildlife, make decisions in a particular situation in accordance with generally accepted humanistic, moral and ethical standards and principles of behavior.
ON 10. Present promising trends in the development of pedagogical and methodical science, modern methods of teaching natural and biological sciences, use innovative and interactive technologies and methods of teaching biological and medical disciplines in higher education;
ON 11. To classify and apply technologies, modern methods and methods of teaching in the field of natural science teaching, various methodological approaches to the educational process in higher education, to use in modern practice modern research tools and innovative technologies for the translation of knowledge of the basic concepts of natural science and medicine;
ON 12. To demonstrate originality and creativity in carrying out activities in the biomedical and pedagogical fields and building the trajectory of their professional growth and development throughout their professional careers, ensuring high competitiveness, to make their own original contribution to the development of this specialty (dissertation).
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