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Chemistry and Chemical Technology

  • Scientific and pedagogical direction - Master of Engineering Sciences
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
1. demonstrate deep knowledge of the current state and development trends of nanotechnology, as well as knowledge in the interdisciplinary areas of professional activity;
2. demonstrate an understanding of the principles of process control for structuring materials by nanoparticles and nano-substances;
3. to solve technological problems in new and unfamiliar contexts by the methods of research, analysis, diagnosis and modeling of the properties of substances and nanomaterials;
4. substantiate the choice and applicability of existing synthesis methods for the production of nanomaterials taking into account physicochemical, kinetic and thermodynamic parameters;
5. to compare modern methods of synthesis used in nanotechnology, taking into account economic and environmental aspects to achieve practical goals;
6. apply modern technologies to control the properties of materials, aimed at changing their structure to solve the problems of creating new pilot plants, devices and devices in the nanotechnology industry;
7. use modern information and communication technologies, global information resources in research and computational and analytical activities in the nanotechnology field;
8. integrate scientific and professional knowledge into the practice of the educational process of higher education in the field of nanotechnology;
9. to develop modern technological processes for the production of various nanomaterials, the processing of materials and products from them, process control systems;
10. draw up design and working technical documentation in the field of nanotechnology in accordance with regulatory documents;
11. plan and carry out comprehensive scientific research in the field of the synthesis of new carbon-containing materials with nanoscale structural components;
12. to be capable of reflection, objective assessment of their achievements in the field of nanotechnology, awareness of the need for the formation of new competencies.
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