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Chemical Engineering


Chemistry and Chemical Technology

  • Scientific and pedagogical direction - Master of Technical Sciences
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
1 A) interpret the theories and laws of modern trends in natural and engineering sciences underlying chemical and related technologies;
2 A) systematize the main scientific and technical information about the objects and technologies of the specialized field of chemical engineering;
3 B) use modern information and communication technologies and resources, international standards and regulations in the field of chemical engineering for solving specialized problems;
4 B) carry out teaching activities using modern methods of teaching chemical and technological disciplines;
5 C) solve problems of chemical engineering in new and unfamiliar contexts using modern methods of research, analysis, diagnostics and modeling;
6 B) develop educational and methodological materials for chemical and technological disciplines in organizations of secondary and higher education;
7 B) improve the methods of quality control of raw materials and products, material diagnostics;
8 B) manage the quality of the substances and materials obtained, analyze the causes of the marriage and take measures to eliminate them;
9 C) develop technical and design documentation for the processes of obtaining new substances and materials;
10 C) manage technological processes and services in order to obtain competitive products, reduce material and labor costs for their manufacture, and minimize associated environmental risks;
11 C) develop a plan and methodology of scientific research for solving problems of a specialized area of chemical engineering;
12 D) control the abidance of technological discipline in the chemical and related industries
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