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Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances


Chemistry and Chemical Technology

  • Scientific and pedagogical direction - Master of Technical Sciences
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
A) systematize the main scientific and technical information about objects and technologies for the production of inorganic substances and materials;
2 A) critically evaluate the latest achievements of the theory and practice of chemical technology;
3 B) develop schemes of modern technological processes of production, processing of inorganic materials and products from them;
4 B) solve scientific and engineering problems of chemical technology of inorganic substances in priority areas of Kazakhstan’s industry in new and unfamiliar contexts using modern methods of research, analysis, diagnostics and modeling;
5 B) perform the analysis, planning and organization of the educational process on chemical and chemical-technological disciplines in organizations of higher education using modern educational technologies and teaching methods;
6 B) improve the methods of controlling the processes of inorganic technology and methods for analyzing the raw materials and finished products;
7 B) work with modern scientific and technical literature, databases and software tools in the field of chemical technology;
8 B) optimize the parameters of processes and equipment to improve the efficiency of the technology for the production and processing of inorganic substances and materials;
9 C) manage technological processes in the context of environmental and industrial safety;
10 C) perform planning and implementation of comprehensive research and testing in the study of materials and products, their production processes, processing and modification;
11 C) develop new technologies for the processing of mineral raw materials and the production of inorganic substances and materials in accordance with the trends of the development of world and Kazakhstan industry;
12 D) show professional and leadership skills in the implementation and organization of research and production processes.
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  Data for 2017-2020 years
  Data for 2017-2020 years