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Political Science


Philosophy and Political Science

  • Scientific and pedagogical direction - Master of Social Sciences
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional demonstrate in-depth knowledge of problems, approaches and trends that reflect the current state of political science and related industries, the field of their own research and professional practice;
2. to find original application of existing knowledge along with understanding how existing research methods are used in political science to create and interpret new knowledge;
3. to have a systematic understanding that allows to critically evaluate modern scientific schools, scientific research and theories in the field of political science;
4. to acquire methods, techniques and techniques of political analysis that are applicable to their own research, to carry out critical analysis and interpret the results, to propose new hypotheses;
5. to demonstrate a systematic and creative approach to solving complex socio-political problems, make informed conclusions in the absence of complete data and present their findings, both for professionals and non-professional audience;
6. to evaluate management processes in public authorities and socio-political organizations, independently plan and solve problems at a professional level, to be ready for self-education and career growth;
7. to find science-based technological solutions to political problems in new and unfamiliar contexts.
8. to carry out political examinations, political diagnostics, to make forecasts of political processes independently, to participate in public expert activity;
9. to create a database for policy decisions and analysis of the socio-political situations, to participate in the development and implementation of;
10. to develop political and legal documents of strategic and tactical character and recommendations on political problems of modern society;
11. to provide consulting services and analytical support to political parties, public organizations, business structures, media and other actors of the political process;
12. to carry out educational activities in higher education, to ensure the effectiveness of the educational process on the basis of classical and innovative methods of teaching socio-political disciplines.
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  Data for 2018-2021 years
  Data for 2018-2021 years