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Philosophy and Political Science

  • Scientific and pedagogical direction - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Model of graduating student
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1. Demonstrate fundamental knowledge of psychology through modern psychological theories and methodologies of psychological experimentation;
2. Conduct a critical analysis of own scientific research, professional practice, as well as understand the important role of further professional development after receving the qualification of PhD in the specialty of Psychology;
3. Synthesize and transform their professional interests on the path of continuous professional growth in psychology, steadily study new methodological, theoretical, practical issues in psychology;
4. Critically evaluate scientific initiatives in the process of formation of new knowledge in the areas of psychology;
5. Systematize and transform scientific solutions to various problems in the design of psychological research or practical problems in psychology;
6. Carry out scientific and psychological experiments, efficiently process psychological data that allow to interpret and provide scientific research in the field of psychology in accordance with international professional standards; effectively design a psychological experiment, taking into account modern computer technologies of psychological modeling, software for data analysis;
7. Carry out a methodological analysis of psychological theories, research methods, standards of psychological research, applied statistics and empirical data to identify and solve research problems, resolve methodological dilemmas in psychology;
8. Integrate professional methodological knowledge in the context of ethical standards in psychology;
9. Formulate scientific hypotheses on various issues of psychology with the help of qualitative and quantitative approaches in a psychological experiment;
10. Assess the validity of a particular methodology of psychological research in accordance with international requirements;
11. Present the results of educational and research activities in the form of scientific decisions in the areas of psychological experiment in accordance with international ethical standards;
12. Establish and maintain a constructive relationship with the various scientific community in order to solve methodological issues, research problems in the field of psychology.
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