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Philosophy and Political Science

  • First Stage of Higher Education - Bachelor of Social Knowledge
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
1. analyze the main stages and patterns of development of society for the formation of ideological positions and explanations of social reality;
2. determine the social structure of society according to national-cultural, class-group and religious grounds, distinguish and analyze the degree of social inequality;
3. interpret professional terms and concepts, theories and concepts;
4. form sociological thinking and apply a sociological methodology to study contemporary problems of society;
5. systematize and reproduce basic knowledge in the specialized areas of sociology, the principles of the correlation of methodology and methods of sociological knowledge in the study of social institutions and processes of society;
6. highlight features and compare sociological methods and scales, adapt to the study of problems of society;
7. demonstrate the development of the analysis and interpretation of sociological data, the essence of the fundamentals of qualitative and quantitative data analysis in the social sciences of analysis to solve the problems of professional activity;
8. formulate tasks for the implementation of the sampling project when collecting information; formulate goals, set specific research tasks in various fields of sociology and independently conduct quantitative and qualitative research;
9. evaluate the features and development trends of modern society, global and regional socio-economic, cultural and political processes;
10. plan and organize professional activities and work of various teams, use basic sociological knowledge in the process of making management decisions;
11. use specialized programs for efficient data storage and processing algorithms, network technologies, create and edit Internet resources, use remote resources;
12. conduct applied sociological research, use the results to develop practical recommendations for solving them.
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