General Information

Educational work of the Department of Plasma Physics and Computer Physics

In the process of formation of each student as a qualified specialist not only events aimed at the educational sphere are very important, but also the events of educational nature that will help him to develop completely his personality.

At the beginning of academic year the following normative documents are developed and put into operation: "The teacher's plan of educational work" "Themes of curator hours", "The curator-adviser's plan of organizational-educational work", the schedule of "Days of departments" in the dormitories, which are the basic foundation for the current planning and coordination of the department's educational work, supposing a creative approach of each teacher, course, group with taking into account their opportunities and speciality.

During the year according to the schedule and approved plans the departments conduct cultural events in various forms and methods of educational work. In general, the work with students who lives in the dormitory is under supervision and control of the department of educational work, the students' union committee, and deputy dean for academic affairs. For the purposes of compliance and control of public order in the university's dormitory according to the established schedule the daily evening duty of teachers headed by deans is organized.

In accordance with the themes of curator-adviser's hour curators-advisers use the different mechanisms of influence in the work with students , namely specific activities of selective influence that are conducted during the academic year in the form of large-scale actions, round work tables, seminars-trainings, discussions, meetings with representatives of law machinery and public health services. These activities are educational in nature and have a positive impact because they are a key element in creating an atmosphere of public intolerance to bad habits, concern for the moral and physical education of students.