KazNU raised wages by 20%


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The Chairman of the Board-Rector of KazNU Zhanseit Tuymebayev signed an order to increase the wages of all University employees by 20 percent.

Speaking at the third meeting of the National Council of Public Trust, the Head of State K.Tokayev instructed the Government to consider the issue of increasing the salaries of trainers in higher educational institutions.

Assuming the office of the Chairman of the Board-Rector of KazNU, Zhanseit Tuimebayev, one of the top-priority issues that need to be addressed, outlined an increase in the salaries of lecturers and staff of the university. Therefore, the head of the university promptly made a decision to increase the wages of all university employees by 20 percent. This measure is aimed at providing social support to workers and improving their well-being, as well as increasing the prestige of the teaching profession.