"Kazakh University" offers readers its bestsellers and educational literature


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In honor of the International Book Lovers Day, the Kazakh University Publishing House offers readers its best-selling books and textbooks.

The Book Lovers day for the «Kazakh University» Publishing House is of particular importance, since great attention is paid to the main mission of the print organization - the formation of a modern reading culture, introduction of the young generation to fiction, scientific and educational literature.

The Book Lovers Day is an unofficial reading holiday, which is celebrated in the first decade of August. Initially, it was celebrated as National Book Lovers Day in the United States, and then it was spread throughout the world. Of course, books are an inexhaustible source of information, they allow us to visit other countries and fictional worlds, travel to the past and the future, look at the world through the eyes of other people.

As part of the summer campaigns, readers have a chance to replenish their library with books from the «Onegeli Omir» series. Throughout August, one can buy two books from the promotional list and get a third as a gift. A series of books «Onegeli Omir» tells about the life and work of outstanding domestic scientists, teachers, writers, famous figures of politics, culture and art of Kazakhstan. The books display a whole era, the time in which every hero lived and worked.

KazNU’s Publishing House «Kazakh University» is a leader in the market of Kazakhstan for the production of educational literature. Therefore, before the start of the school year, there is a unique opportunity to purchase textbooks and teaching aids with a 10% discount!

Welcome to the bookstores of the Publishing House in Almaty or you can order books through the online store - magkaznu.com!