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G. Alihankyzy, A. Galiolla  To improve the theoretical foundations of communicative activity of students in extracurricular time  №1(67) хабаршы (208-213 бет) 2019-208-213.pdf
R. Dossymbekova, М. Dilmanova, А. Koybakova    National character and difficulties in the translation of word reality
Хабаршы АГУ-страницы-1,11,670-674.pdf
А. Koybakova
Teaching methods of Chinese associate with Chinese culture
Хабаршы АГУ-страницы-1,9,572-576 Койбакова А.pdf
A. Koybakova, R. Dossymbekova  Problems of translation of cultural words in Chinese to Kazakh language  ККСОн Койбакова.pdf
D. Zhekenov, Hu Haixin, F. Orazakynkyzy Some obstacles of biletaral business relations between Kazakhstan and China  Жекенов.pdf
A.A. Arzykulov, N. Sharypkyzy, A.R. Orazbekova  "One belt - one way" project and free economic zones as tools to realize the "Chinese dream" Арзыкулов Вестник АГУ.pdf
 N. Muhametkhanuly, A. Arzykulov  Development of the cooperation between Kazakhsatn and China on production capacity   
Orazakynkyzy F., Babakhanov F. 
Formation of professional competence based on communication skills  makala 2020-2021 (2).pdf
Orazakynkyzy F., Anipina A., Bissenbayeva Zh., Umarbekova G. Use of proverbs in foreing language lessons   makala 2020-2021 (1).pdf
Orazakynkyzy F., Anipina A., Geray Fidan  Structural and semantic features of proverbs and sayings in Chinese and Kazkah language  вестник 1.pdf
Orazakynkyzy F., Anipina A., Geray Fidan  Principles of the classification of proverbs and sayings   Вестник 2.pdf
Orazakynkyzy F., Anipina A. Language - manifestations of culture  вестник 3.pdf
Orazakynkyzy F., Anipina A., Paltore Y., Ozgambayeva R., Assylbekov Rakhymzhan., Permakhan K.
Proverbs in the representation of the linguistic picture of the world: theoretical analysis of the problem  скопусқа.pdf
Alikhankizi G. Ways to develop speaking through discussion in a foreign language class 4-нөмір (2) 2020 358 бет Алиханкызы Г. Шет тілі са
Matay S., Alikhan G. Exploring a few problems encountered by Kazakh students in learning Chinese special questions 4-нөмір 2020 хабаршы 409бет-410-417.pdf