Ybysheva Dina Oriental Studies. 2015-2020

I, Ybysheva Dina, studied for one semester at Bunkyo Gakuin Japanese University from 08/28/2019 to 01/30/2020. The trip was held at the highest level, starting from a meeting at the airport, my dorm room and classes at the university, the program for foreign students was organized considering smallest details, room and university were clean and comfortable. The lessons were new to me, I learned to express my thoughts in Japanese and could start the dialogue with students and teachers. In addition, life in Japan seemed to me quite dimensional , I was constantly discovering something new for myself. At first, i was scared of not making japanese friends and I am very glad that I was able to make friends with my Japanese groupmates and to spend time together. With some, I was able to go hiking on Mount Fujiyama, and now I am waiting for them to visit in Kazakhstan. This trip was one of the most memorable moments and undoubtedly invaluable experience.


Publication date :  2/20/2020