Research projects and studies

Research projects and studies

1.Epidemiological study "Epidemiology of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases in the Republic of Kazakhstan" (in collaboration with the Research Institute of Cardiology and Internal Medicine of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan) 

Project participants:

1. Oshibayeva Ainash Esimbekovna – acting assistant professor of the department;

2. Ualiyeva Aliya Erzhanovna - senior teacher (within the framework of doctoral thesis);

3. Duspanova Anar Turezhanovna - acting. assistant professor of the department.

2.Initiative study "Studying the lifestyle factors of students of al-Farabi KazNU and association with indicators of the quality of life."

Project participants:
1. Vinnikov Denis Vladimirovich-head of the scientific research laboratory of health and environment;
2. Zhanna V. Romanova, head of the department;
3. Duspanova Anar Turezhanovna-i.o. assistant professor of the department;
4. Absatarova Karashash Seitomarovna - senior lecturer of the department;
5. Utepbergenova Zhazira Malikovna- senior lecturer of the department.

3.In collaboration with the Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science the following projects are implemented:

1. Studying students' awareness of tuberculosis.

2. Learning about HIV and AIDS (an additional study will be conducted to measure stigma for HIV + and AIDS patients).

3. Studying the level of awareness of students about sexually transmitted infections.

4.Research Work of PhD students:

1.Improving the medical care arrangement for patients with polytrauma in a metropolis. PhD student: Kozhakhmetov Temirkhan.

2.Respiratory health risks for the construction workers and prevention opportunities. PhD student: Tulekov Zhangir Dairovich

3.Improving the health care of patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and diabetes mellitus type 2 (T2DM). PhD student: Sultanova Balnur Perdekozhaevna.

4.A study of the actual diet and eating habits in athletes involved in different sports. PhD student: Erzhanova Eldana.

5.Research of sports and recreation activities of students with disabilities (disabled) in inclusive education. PhD student: Ispambetova Guldana Ayapbergenovna.