Scientific student's group "Komparativist"

Scientific student circle on comparative jurisprudence "Komparativist" is a form of organization of scientific activity of students, which is expressed in attracting students of the specialty "International Law" of the Faculty of International Relations to scientific activities, assistance in choosing a scientific direction, holding scientific sessions, hearing and discussing reports, participation in student and other conferences.

The goals of the scientific student circle "Komparativist":

1.Organization of student research and educational work among students of 1-4 courses in the specialty "International Law", and holding of the scientific and educational plan at the Faculty of International Relations.
2. Attracting students to research work in the field of national law and international law in the framework of comparative law.
3. Assistance in the preparation and participation of student scientific works in the field in scientific competitions, student scientific conferences of the national and international level.
4. Ensuring the realization of the right of students to the creative development of the individual in accordance with the abilities and needs.

The leaders of the circle: candidate of law, Associate Professor Tusupova A.Zh.