Student life

The Faculty of Oriental Studies is doing a great job in educating students and training future specialists, namely in shaping human qualities in them. The most important direction of educational work is self-management and activity of the student. At the Faculty of Oriental Studies on educational work there are 3 organizations: the student maslikhat, the student council and the student union "Sunkar". Student self-government organizations, such as Student Council, Maslikhat and Sunkar, play a huge role in the social life of the faculty. The student house hosts various events organized by the student council. The Constitution Day, Independence Day, New Year, Nauryz, Victory Day are especially marked. It has already become a tradition for teachers and heads of departments to meet with students in a student's home. They also discuss the annual Addresses of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the people of Kazakhstan.

The education purpose: formation and development of qualities of the person on the basis of the moral values, directed on formation of an active vital position.

The primary goals of educational activity:

–       Formation at students of interpersonal relations, tolerances, skills of self-education and versatile development of their creative abilities;

–       Creation of conditions for physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual development of students;

–       Increase of social activity of students, their independence and responsibility in the organization of life of student's collective and society;

–      Development of the general culture of students through familiarizing with national culture, customs and traditions