Kabul Oralbay

Candidate’s full name: Kabul Oralbay

The full title of the dissertation theme:  "Continuity as a philosophical category (transformation of values)"

Specialty: "6D020100 – Philosophy".

Protection language: Kazakh

The dissertation was performed at the Department of philosophy of L. N. Gumilev Eurasian National University.


Abdigalieva Gulzhan Kanayevna-doctor of philosophy, Professor, Al-Farabi Kazakh national University. Department of political science and political technologies. Almaty, Kazakhstan, specialty 09.00.13.

Kuranbek Asset Abaiuly – candidate of philosophical Sciences, Public Fund "Ulttyk audarma burasy",editor. Almaty, Kazakhstan, specialty 09.00.03.

Scientific consultants:

GarifollaEsim-doctor of philosophy, academician, member of NAS RK. L. N. Gumilev Eurasian National University, head of the Department of philosophy, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan;

SinanOzbek-PhD, associate Professor, head of the Department of philosophy, Kocaeli University, Izmit, Turkey.

The defense will be held on: 02 November 2019, at 10:00 o'clock in the dissertation Council at KazNU named after Al-Farabi on specialty group "6D020100 – Philosophy", "6D020400 – Cultural studies", "6D020600 – Religiousstudies", "6D021500 – Islamic studies" at the address: 050012, Almaty, St. KarasaiBatyr, 95, faculty of Oriental studies, No. 426 auditorium

Based on the decision of the dissertation Council of October 25, 2019 and the order of the Rector of al-Farabi Kazakh national University of November  6, 2019 No. 4-5900 awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) to    Kabul Oralbay in specialty 6D020100-Philosophy.

Order of the Rector

Publication date :  9/28/2019