Zhaglovskaya Alina

Candidate’s full name: Alina Aleksandrovna Zhaglovskaya.

The full title of the dissertation theme: Natural and anthropogenic dynamics of Saxaul forest of Ile-Balkhash region.

Specialty: 6D061300– Geobotany.

The dissertation is carried out at Department of Biodiversity and Bioresources of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

Local scientific supervisor: Saule Sagidullayevna Aidosova, doctor of biological science, professor, Astana, Kazakhstan.

Foreign scientific supervisor: Michael Succow, doctor, professor, Graifswald University named after Ernst Moritz Arndt, Greifswald, Germany.

1. Official reviewer: Gulnara Tokbergenovna Sitpayeva, doctor of biological science, general director of "Institute of Botany and phytointroduction" Almaty, Kazakhstan.

2. Official reviewer: Natal`ya Petrovna Ogar`, doctor of biological science, professor, Director of the Department of Science and Environmental projection of Centre for Remote Sensing and GIS "Terra", Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The defense is going to take place in 09.09.2016 in the dissertation council of group of specialty «6D060700 - Biology», «6D070100 - Biotechnology», «6D061300 - Geobotany" at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University by the address: 050040, Almaty, avenue al-Farabi, 71, Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, the room number 214.

Language of the defense Russian.

Publication date :  6/30/2016