About department

The Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science is one of the most prestigious and perspective faculties in social and humanitarian field. Organization of our activities is based on a "new" philosophy - planning today relying on the future. Moreover, we are guided by the principles of management: new strategic goals - new content; A strong department - a strong faculty - a strong university.

The main mission of the faculty is to become one of the leading intellectual centers that generates innovative ideas, constructive projects and proposals for solving urgent problems of society, on the priorities of the country's strategic development, and on ensuring quality education that corresponds to the world level.

History of the Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science started in 1947, when the Department of Psychology and Logic was created, then in 1949  the philosophical and economic faculties were created in KazGU named after S.M.Kirov.

 First of all, The faculty is a team of people, who share the same ideas and interests. There are 150 teachers at the faculty, 80 of them are doctors of sciences, candidates of sciences, doctoral students of PhD. The staff of the Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science has a sufficiently high creative potential, responsibility, dedication to its profession and its university.