Department structure

Faculty address:Masanchi 39/47, UK 4

Phone deanery:  8(727) 292-57-17 (2133)














Dean of faculty -
Doctor of philosophy, professor
Masalimova Aliyа Rimgazykyzy 

292-57-17 (2101), office: 307



Deputy Dean on academic affairs 
& educational work,
candidate of pedagogical sciences
Omirbekova Aliya Omirbekovna

+(727) 292-73-44, office: 405 a










Deputy Dean on scientific innovations 
& international relations  
 Meirbaev Bekzhan Berikbaevich 

292-57-17 (2182), office: 314 а




Department of Philosophy

Department of Political Science and Political Technologies

Department of Religious and Cultural Studies

Department of Sociology and Social Work

Department of PedagogyandEducational Management

Department of general and applied psychology