Report conference of trade union "Parasat"

5th February 2015 hosted the annual report conference of the trade union "Parasat" workers Kazakh National Farabi.Na agenda included four questions:

Report on the work of the trade union "Parasat" workers KazNU for 2014

Report on compliance with the Collective Agreement

Report of the Audit Committee for Trade Union 2014

Election of new members of the trade union

In its report, the chairman of the trade union "Parasat" workers KazNU T.K.Mekebaev noted that in 2014 for the Treasury, including the union, was very productive. It was the year of our 80th anniversary universiteta.Glavnye this year's event: a visit to the KNU President Nursultan Nazarbayev, the completion of the new campus of the University buildings. Wonderful service center opened students' Keremet "medical center, hostel hotel type" Jas ғalymdar Uiy "and scientific library of al-Farabi, which is the largest in Central Asia. At the conclusion of the organizations «Great Vabue Colleges» Treasury is among the 50 best universities for the development of technology, and took 31th place. Development of the university - the development of the union. Registered in the union of the University is 4013 people, united in 29 divisions. In general, the main work of the trade union committee for the reporting period was limited to the organization of social, cultural and recreational activities.

Talgat Kumargalievich noted also that in the reporting year was recognized as the best work of 20 proforgov.Eto

In the debate on the report made by the representatives of various departments of the university. So the director of the Department of Academic Affairs, AK Hikmetov said that he appreciated the work of the trade union committee of the University and gratefully blogodarnost for comprehensive poderzhku by the trade union. Especially high-performing praised the work of organizing and holding the Games "Health", noting that it is a lot of work to strengthen corporate duha.Vysoko organization has been assessed and weekend tours.

Director of campus Abdikahar Anuarovich Seitzhanov stressed that has great potential leader of the organization Mekebaev Talgat Kumargalievich. He is very active, indifferent, creative people. To date, there is a wish from other universities to become members of our union. This is an indicator of high evaluation of all the trade union as a whole.

- I appreciate the work carried out during the reporting period, very high - said A.A.Seytzhanov.U I have a suggestion concerning the organization of kindergarten for children of employees. It seems that the trade union has the possibility to solve these social issues. Done a great deal. During this huge blogodarnost personally Mekebaeva and all the trade union committee as a whole.

Very emotional speech was Deputy Chairman of the Board of Veterans Treasury Zholaman Tүrіkpenұly.

- Today I present veterans of the University, a beginning of his speech aksakal.- We never left unattended by the trade union, so I personally wish to express my deep blogodarnost T.K.Mekebaevu for constant attention and compassion for us.

   I have a suggestion. Once we had a dispensary. In difficult times it closed. I ask you to consider the possibility of a revival of the required facilities for the correction of health sotrudnikov.Otsenivayu work satisfactorily.

Kәrіbaev Bereket, Professor, Department of History and Ethnology

   Today, listening to the accounting report, I introduced myself, and no matter what the situation is, if we did not have to trade union? Yes, great poderzhka trade union organizations Treasury simple workers. If we look at the numbers, then on the face of the speaker in all positions.

   I wish prosperity to our trade union committee and new achievements. Today I want to put the evaluation 5 (A).

The outcome of the first vice-rector summed Treasury M.M.Burkitbaev.V his speech he said:

"Today, we summarize a year's work. This work is not visible, it is routine. And now we understand how big it is. Not all universities can boast of such a trade union. Trade union organization KNU is in constant contact with adminstratsiey university.

      Today, I hear a lot of very sensible current offers. I support ih.V chasnosti about kindergarten. Or we hear proposals to open social store for employees.

   With regard to the Issyk-Kul. Our task is to make our pension today- from datatsionnogo in profitability.

The head of the union is very active and has a lot of potential. Highly appreciate the work and invite you to formulate proposals for the future of his work.

All participants from one person took the work of the trade union, and gave them the best evaluation.

About how to perform the collective agreement between the workers and the collective administration lawyer told the trade union D.O.Ryskaliev.

The report of the Audit Committee Chairman of the Commission acted as Associate Professor of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technology R.G.Ryskalieva.bylo noted that the disruption to the trade union "Parasat" is not revealed.

Conference elected to the trade union spirit of the new members - Mukasheva Shynar Batyrhanovnu, chief librarian and manager Mukazhanova Tolkyn Nurasilovna, Assistant Professor, Department of History and Ethnology.

Publication date :  4/7/2015