History of department

Geography – an integral part of structure of modern classical university education.

The faculty of geography and environmental management KazNU of al-Farabi was established in 1948. Then it had the name the Faculty of Geology and Geography and was presented by two offices – geological and geographical. Due to the closing of geological office in 1960 the faculty was renamed into the faculty of Geography. Today the faculty meets the highest requirements and international standards. During the existence the faculty trained more than 5 thousand experts in Geography: geographers, meteorologists, hydrologists, ecologists, cartographers, managers of tourism, etc.
The outstanding scientists-geographers who made a big contribution to development of geographical science in Kazakhstan were at the origins of faculty. Among them we can name prof. V. A. Sokolov, prof. M. Zh. Zhandayev, prof. G.G. Muravlev, doc. Z.P.Kozhenkovu, prof. V. I. Korovin, prof. A. V. Chigarkin, etc. A big contribution to formation of geographical faculty the academician U.A. Dzholdasbekov brought on the rector's post KazNU.
The scientific authority of geographical faculty is confirmed by its outstanding contribution to training of science staff of the top skills. Here the dissertation council on protection of doctoral and master's theses on specialties functions only in the Republic integrated (with Institute of geography of MON RK): physical geography, biogeography and geography of soils; economic, social and political geography; geoecology; hydrology of sushi, water resources and hydrochemistry.
Scientific research of scientists of faculty was defined by the demands of development of the theory of geographical science and inquiries of practice. The main directions of scientific search of scientists of geographical faculty are connected with a problem of complex studying of natural resources of Kazakhstan, their rational use and the solution of problems of conservation. The greatest success is achieved in the field of a landscape survey, study of geochemistry of a landscape, the hydrological mode of the rivers of Kazakhstan, development of weather forecast and measures for prevention of pollution of atmospher, in the sphere of geoecology and glaciology, territorial placement of productive forces, development of the theory of tourism.
Modern structure of geographical faculty, formation of its faculty, creation of scientific potential took place some stages.
It is important to note that at all stages of development of Geography faculty its activity was closely connected with the life of Kazakhstan, demand of economy of the Republic for highly qualified scientific, engineering, teaching personnel of a geography profile.