Scientific laboratories/centers

Economic Research Center established by the Academic Council of the al-Farabi Kazakh National University on January 17, 2011 in accordance with the strategy of transformation of our university to a research university.

Center for Economic Research - a stable functioning research structure, focused on the effective use of scientific potential of the faculty, doctoral students, undergraduates and students of the High School of Economics and Business.

The main objectives of the Center of Economic Research:

1. Creating the conditions for scientific work of the scientists, doctoral students, undergraduates and students.

2. Promotion of collective High School of Economics and Business:

- development and implementation of research projects;

- organization of creative teams of scientists;

- activation of the scientific potential of young scientists;

- using research in the learning process;

- increasing productivity and commercialization of scientific research;

- promotion and sale of ready to implement research projects.

3. Cooperation with:

- business community;

- government agencies;

- foreign partners:

- universities and scientists;

- research institutes.

Our competitive advantages:

- Long-term educational traditions of the High School of Economics and Business at KazNU al-Farabi

- Graduates High School of Economics and Business who work in senior positions in business and government structures

- a scientific school of leading scientists was formed at High School of Economics and Business

Main research fields ERC:

- Development of innovative processes, patterns, especially the management and effectiveness.

- Problems functioning of the national stock market.

- Improvement of institutional system of the national economy.

- The prospects of becoming a green economy in Kazakhstan.

- Problems of monopoly and competition.

- Introduction of innovative forms of learning.

Our achievements:


Organization of the section of the International scientific-practical conference "Modern problems of ecological culture and sustainable development of society" from 4 - 5 October 2013, conducted by the Research Scientific Institute "Ecology" and the Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences