Students’ scientific research activity program

Students’ scientific research activity(SSRA)

Students’ scientific research activity(SSRA) is an obligatory, integrally integral part of training of specialists at university and enters into number of the main objectives the KazNU solved on the basis of unity of educational and scientific processes. SSRA of students and undergraduates is carried out as within curricula – students’ educational research activity(SERA), and out of study within work of 155 scientific circles coordinated by heads of scientific circles, SSRAcouncil, Council of young scientific (CYS) and Student'sscientificsociety (SSS), and also deputy deans on research work and international relations at faculties.

For SSRAstrengthening by deputies manager. chairs on research work and international relations in common teachers at faculties are developed raznourovnevy tasks with the subsequent its introduction in educational process. The most prepared students participate in the various olympic games city, regional, republican, international levels.

SSRA councils operate on all faculties, chairmen of these councils make SSRAcouncil KazNU. Council of SSRAconsists of 3 sectors – scientific, organizational, information. Thanks to such structure each member of council of SSRAis responsible not only for the faculty, but also for a certain sector. Before each sector there are tasks and activities. For the purpose of establishment of direct contacts between students, undergraduates and young scientists, joint meetings of council ofSSRA and CYS are held once a month.