Republican student subject Olympiad within economic specialties


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The students of the specialty "Finance" of the Higher School of Economics and Business of the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi were awarded the third place at the 10th Republican student subject Olympiad within economic specialties.

138 teams from 20 universities from all regions of Kazakhstan had taken a part.

Under the scientific supervision of PhD, acting associate professor Doszhan RD, the team "Finnation" had prepared a scientific project on the theme "Digital systems in the Republic of Kazakhstan: theory and practice".

The first stage consisted of 90 multiple choice questions and 9 problem solvings, where efforts of our team- "Finnation"- had been rated highly,and the team and together with another 12 strongest teams was allowed to take a part on a final stage of the contest. At the final stage, the team successfully defended their project and were awarded the prize.

PhD, Acting associate Professor

At Finance Department

Doszhan R.D