The book tree


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 The book tree

The book tree was decorated for readers in the al-Farabi library.

The tradition of decorating the tree and to celebrate the New year on 1 January was born in Russia in the 1700s, in the age of Peter the great. However, a number of historians-ethnographers write that the ancient Kipchak nomads had a new year holiday tree. So, in the book "Kipchaks" Murat Aji describes the "holiday spruce": "The tree Holiday came in winter – December 25th. Then the day won the night. And the sun a little longer remain above ground. The people prayed to Algeny, thanked him for the returned sun. And that prayer was heard, and decorated spruce is a favorite tree Algeny. It was brought to the house, the branches were tied with bright ribbons, next fold gifts."

This year in addition to the book tree built a sofa out of books. For a tree height of 2 meters, took about 1000 charged books and 3 hours of time.


P. S. The tree is a great attribute to the original photos.