Social educational activity



Мeasures Time Artists
1 Organization and carrying out at the Department of events dedicated to the Constitution Day of Kazakhstan and the Day of Knowledge September 1 2016

Head of Department, tutor, students

2 Organization and carrying out activities "Dedication freshmen students' September - October 2016 Tutor, students
October 2016 Tutor, students

International Day of Older Persons

October 2016 Tutor, students
5 Organization and implementation of "Language festival"dedicated to the celebration of languages of the people of Kazakhstan September - October 2016 Tutor, students
6 Student participation in public events of faculty
September - May 2016

Deputy dean on academic affairs & educational work, tutor, students

7 Student participation in sports activities
September - May 2016 Tutor, students
8 Organization and implementation of the traditionaltraditional contest "Golden Autumn" in the faculties and university dormitories November 2016 Tutor, students
9 International Day of Students 2016 November 17  Tutor, students
10 Organization and implementation of eventdedicated to the "Day of the fight against AIDS" December 2016 Tutor, students
11 Organization and implementation of ceremonial event dedicated to the Independence day of Republic of Kazakhstan December 2016 Tutor, students
12 Stdudents participation and preparation of the celebrationNowruz in the Faculty December 2016 Teacher staff
13 Annual Sports Day "Health" among teachers and staff

2017 January

Teacher staff
14 Organization and implementation ofcontest of the «Best Student Group» 2017 February-May Tutor, students
15 Organization and holding the Opend door at the Department 2017 Tutor, students
Administration, tutors, students
16 Contest «Super Student» 2017 February
Tutor, students
17 Miss KazNU-2015 2017 February
18 Discussion of "President's Message to the Nation of Kazakhstan"
2017 February-March Tutor, students
19 Celebration of Interational Women's Day - March, 8 2017 March
Teacher Staff
20 Organization and implementation of event«Welcome Nowruz» 2017 March
Tutor, students
21 Arts festival "Student Spring"
2017 March
Tutor, students
22 Football tournament among students for the Cup "Sunkar"
2017 March
23 Organization and implementation offestival«Tullips Ball» 2017 April
Tutor, students
24 Organization and implementation of event based on the project "100 books"
During year Tutor, students
25 Contest of young poets «Жыр мүшайрасы» 2017 April
Эдвайзер, студенты
26 International Students Conference «Farabi World», work on section «Nativelanguageis the basis of competitiveness» 2017 April
Tutor, students
27 Organization of event dedicated to "Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu" Day 2017 April
Tutor, students
28 Pariticipation of students at VII Republic SummerUniversiade between universities of RoK 2017 April-May
29 Events dedicated to the celebration ofUnity of People of Kazakhstan 2017 May
Tutor, students
30 Events dedicated to the celebration of Victory Day 2017 May
Tutor, students
31 Traditional meeting of University Rector with student activists and teached staff 2017 May
Tutor, students
32 Graduation day of students of KazNU 2017 May

Official diploma awarding ceremony

2017 May
Tutor, students
34 Summing up the Indicative Plan results and rating the "Tutors' work", "Clubs and societies work"
2017 June Tutor
35 Participation in the organization of departure of the best tutors and student activists in the SHC of KazNU at the Issyk-Kul Lake
2017 June Tutor, students