Intrernational conference «Tyurk world in context of islamic civilization»


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July 27 – 28 in the center of Al-Farabi at the Istanbul University (Turkey) intrernational scientific-practical conference on theme «Tyurk world in context of islamic civilization». Within the framework of the fundamental project No. 3693 / GF4 "Religious identification of the Turks of Central Asia in the globalizing society".

General historical and cultural space, regional originality and dynamics of interaction "and its subproject" Discourses of religious and cultural symbiosis and models of confessional and cultural tolerance of the Turkic societies of Central Asia in the Middle Ages and New Times (comparative analysis) "is the main task of the international conference that we are planning.

The project of the conference is subordinated to one task: to look at the current state of Islam in Central Asia and the state of religious identification and their interaction on the basis of similarities and differences in modalities in the countries of the Arab and Turkic world in the context of Islam.

The purpose of this approach is, in particular, to test the hypothesis about the significant impact of confessional specific for Islam on the construction of appropriate models of religious and cultural symbiosis and complementarity. This hypothesis also does not exclude that the eventual differences between the Arab and Turkic worlds were structural, and therefore had a significant impact on the practice of relations with Islam in Central Asia.

 The conference will discuss the following topics:

 - Moslem clergy and Muslims of Central Asia;

 - Secular authorities and Muslims in Central Asia: pragmatic and non-pragmatic policy factors regarding the Islamic factor;

- Religious and cultural identification: the state and prospects of research;

- Methodology and hypotheses in studying the structures of interaction of the Turkic world with Islamic civilization;

- The role of religion and Islam in world political processes;

- Problems of world perception and religion in modern Turkology.

Domestic and foreign scientists, doctoral students, undergraduates and students who study religion, society and culture are invited to the conference.

Also within the framework of the conference there will be a round table dedicated to the memory of A.S. Amanzholova "Turkic epigraphy and paleography" in the framework of the fundamental project 3268 / GF4.

The working languages ​​of the conference are Kazakh, Russian and Turkish.

Regulations for the speaker: 5-7 minutes.

The proceedings of the conference will be published in a separate special issue. Materials can be sent to the organizers by e-mail:,

Conference Organizers:

Al-Farabi Center of Istanbul University (Turkey), Aitmatov Academy (Great Britain) and TURKSOY Chair of the Faculty of Oriental Studies of KazNU. Al-Farabi.

Location: Beyazıt, 34452 Fatih / Istanbul, Turkey