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History and Geography


History, Archaeology and Ethnology

  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
ON1 To develop innovative educational methods and technologies for teaching historical and geographical disciplines in general educational and secondary educational institutions on the basis of the theory of modern pedagogical and methodological knowledge;
ON2 To apply in the learning process technologies for differentiated learning, communication and dialogue activities, modular and project activities; apply GIS technology; to use effectively in the educational process technical training tools, information and computer technologies;
ON3 Design the content of educational programs of higher professional education on the basis of the graduate competence model, the requirements of state educational standards and the system of modern approaches (modular, student-centered); to organize interactive forms of classes at the university, to develop methodological support, assessment tools, to form educational motives of students;
ON4 To develop adapted programs and appropriate teaching materials on environmental education, including teaching AIDS on the methods of teaching environmental education, for the formation of a system of scientific knowledge, attitudes and beliefs that ensure the formation of a responsible attitude of students to the environment;
ON5 To be competent in the peculiarities of work in small schools, features of work in the external; to develop adapted programs and appropriate teaching materials on the methodology of teaching in the ungraded schools, to select effective teaching technologies in the ungraded schools.
ON6 Develop proposals to improve the work of the Department of education on the organization of professional development of teachers of universities and secondary schools, the introduction of innovative educational technologies in the educational process;
ON7 Conduct qualified research and expert evaluation of the program of planning, organization and practical implementation of educational activities in secondary, secondary and higher education;
ON8 Conduct research in the field of local history, multilingual education and be able to implement the results of scientific research in the educational process;
ON9 Apply methods of auxiliary historical and geographical disciplines, methodology of interdisciplinary research for the development of historical maps;
ON10 Develop a program for the development of economic regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, taking into account its modern social, demographic and economic potential; explain the factors that slow down the involvement of labor in production and services in the country;
ON11 To make maps of sacred objects, to create tourist programs on sacred places of Central Asia on the basis of systematization of the collected materials on sacred geography of Central Asia;
ON12 To be able to build professional relationships with colleagues and management; to adapt flexibly in non-standard situations; to integrate personal communication resources, new communication technologies.
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  Data for 2017-2020 years
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