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Jurisprudence (1 year)



  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
1. demonstrate in-depth modern knowledge in the field of human rights;
2. interpret normative legal acts in a qualified manner;
3. to apply the studied theories in the analysis of modern and historical events in ensuring human rights and freedoms;
4. to understand the mechanisms and factors of development of civil legislation;
5. analyze the activities of public administration and be able to make optimal management decisions;
6. to critically evaluate and interpret the latest achievements of the theory of civil procedural law and to determine the features of civil procedural norms, to develop mechanisms for their improvement;
7. analyze the improvement and development of legislation in the field of agricultural entrepreneurship;
8. to demonstrate the qualified application of normative legal acts in specific areas of legal activity and the implementation of the rules of substantive and procedural law in professional activity;
9. systematically understand and evaluate the global trends and dynamics of financial relations, their theoretical and practical problems ;
10. demonstrate the ability to identify, suppress, disclose and investigate offenses and crimes;
11. formulate and substantiate concrete proposals to improve the activities of criminal prosecution bodies;
12. use this knowledge for the original development and application of ideas in the context of applied research.
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