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Geography(Дипломатия энергоресурсов)


Geography and Environmental Sciences

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Upon completion of this program, it is expected that students will be able to:
1. to summarize the methodology and practice of energy diplomacy, components of energy diplomacy, standards of energy diplomacy, the role of energy diplomacy in ensuring favorable external conditions for the development of countries;
2. to evaluate the most significant problems and achievements of modern geography; professional activity of the geographer, the basic laws of the market economy and management, objectives, principles and mechanisms of innovative development of Kazakhstan's economy;
3. to apply a complex approach for analysis, evaluation, monitoring, relevant geographical processes using GIS technologies and GIS
5. critically assess the geopolitical and geo-economic situation of countries and their regions, conduct geographical studies of sectoral, regional, national and global problems, develop recommendations for their resolution;
6. to develop requirements of legal and diplomatic bases of international cooperation, regulation of international conflicts.
7. assess the features of global and regional energy diplomacy; analyze the situation in the energy markets.
8. identify the role of national interests in ensuring the national energy security of countries; problems and trends in the global energy sector, global energy markets and international energy policy in the context of regional interests;
9. apply methods of analysis of expert assessment of international situations and international problems.
10. to solve actual problems of international relations and world practice of human rights protection.
11. to develop diplomatic methods and actualize the foreign trade interests of the country in the energy sector and to predict the situation on the world energy market;
12. to find application to the professional knowledge and level of the qualification in the sphere of public service, business, non-governmental organizations of the international profile and to carry out functions of the initiator or the developer of new ideas and projects of professional character.
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