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Biology and Biotechnology

  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
ON1 demonstrate systematic fundamental knowledge in the field of general biology, cell and molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, biophysics, biotechnology, ecology when conducting research, developing new innovative technologies, including diagnostic, pharmaceuticals, biologically active additives, new varieties of agricultural plants, new breeds of animals, food products, their quality control, as well as in the organization of the educational process in secondary special and higher educational institutions;
ON2 use conceptual and methodological knowledge of biology and related sciences, such as medicine, agriculture, biotechnology, to perform non-standard tasks at various levels of complexity, as well as creatively solving problem situations in educational, methodical, scientific, and production activities;
ON3 apply modern methods of biology and computer analysis, technical equipment, original approaches in solving tasks in the field of cell biology, embryology, molecular biology, bioengineering;
ON4 systematize, develop and plan, critically evaluate scientific research and theories in the field of biology, biotechnology, ecology and medicine and solve problems at a professional level;
ON5 search for scientific, technical and patent information necessary to substantiate the direction and subject of the study, to create new technologies, drugs, products, etc.
ON6 implement scientific and technical programs and projects in the field of biology and in related fields of activity, develop and deepen their knowledge and acquire new skills at a high professional level, solve practical problems of medicine, agriculture, biotechnology based on the methods of biology, genetics, biophysics, biochemistry, biotechnology;
ON7 to carry out interdisciplinary research in the field of biology, chemistry, physics, IT, medicine, agriculture in order to create new drugs, strains of microorganisms, varieties of agricultural plants and animals, GMOs;
ON8 design and implement integrated research based on scientific outlook, mastered research technologies in the field of biology and biotechnology. Choose one or another computer technology necessary for independent biological research;
ON9 to build research activities on the basis of ethical and legal norms in relations between people and in relation to living organisms (principles of bioethics); bear personal responsibility for the quality of work and scientific accuracy of the results, for the preservation and protection of biodiversity, human rights and health;
ON10 develop a scheme of experimental stages of semi-production and implement on their basis the technological processes used in the fields of biotechnology and biology;
ON11 review and evaluate scientific products in the field of biology and related fields, such as ecology, medicine, agriculture, biotechnology. Compare and critically analyze the results of scientific research in the field of biology;
ON12 compile analytical reviews, develop new technologies, represent the scientific community and justify their own independent research. To build a dialogue and reasonably defend their point of view with equal status, the broad scientific community and society;
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