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IT - Genetikcs


Biology and Biotechnology

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ON1. To estimate modern achievements of general and molecular genetics, ecological and medical genetics, and apply them in research and practice;
ON2. Based on IT technologies simulate genetic regulations and mechanisms of biosystems functioning at different levels of the organization of living things;
ON3. Analyze scientific, technical and patent information by the subject of investigation using information technologies including web technologies;
ON4. Analyze epigenetic mechanisms of functioning and genome inheritance; mechanisms of gene alterations under environmental factors and tumour development, at stem cells differentiation;
ON5. Use methods of general and molecular genetics for practical tasks of biomedicine, farming, biotechnology, wildlife conservation, and paleontology;
ON6. Design the databases on genetic data and develop the software for solving practical objectives in biomedicine, agriculture, biotechnology and ecology;
ON7. Apply tools of distant access to calculation resources of the corporative use and launching simultaneous programmes of the computing clusters targeted to applied genetics;
ON8. Imply methods of R programming for statistical analysis of the research and practical data and modeling methods to solving applied tasks in plant and animal breeding;
ON9. Design and conduct complex investigations including those transdisciplinary by implying mathematical modeling of mutational, populational and evolutionary processes;
ON10. Generate scientific as practical ideas to strengthen transdisciplinary ties between genetics and information technologies;
ON11. Develop educational programmes based on interactive courses by using interactive methods, forms and teaching tools;
ON12. Be aware of the need to form new competences based on professional and personal self–education, promotion of the development for society and science; work in the team.
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