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Geography and Environmental Sciences

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Upon completion of this program, it is expected that undergraduates will be able to:
RO1 - regulate land and property relations, resolve property and land disputes, conduct state control over the use of land and real estate with the application of the laws of the country in terms of legal issues;
RO2 - manage land resources, real estate, cadastral and land management works on the basis of the principles of the land cadastre;
RO3 - to demonstrate knowledge of modern technologies of video information decoding, aerial and space images, remote sensing of the territory, creation of original maps, plans, other graphic materials for land management and State cadastre, knowledge of modern methods and technologies of land and real estate monitoring;
RO4 - know one of the foreign languages at a level that provides effective professional activity; knowledge and understanding of the laws of nature, society and thinking and the ability to operate this knowledge in the conduct of the cadastre and land valuation;
RO5 - to use the basic theories of motivation, leadership and power to solve management problems in the inventory, to apply knowledge of the economic foundations of the behavior of organizations, to have an idea of the different structures of markets and the ability to analyze the competitive environment in land use;
РО6 - the conduct of the inventory to use the knowledge of the modern automated technologies of collecting, collating, processing and recording of information about land plots and real estate objects;
RO7 - in the assessment of land and other real estate use knowledge of the principles, methods of cadastral and economic assessment;
RO8 - to study scientific and technical information, domestic and foreign experience in the use of land and other real estate;
RO9 - to initiate the implementation of the results of research and new developments, to develop an effective strategy and to form an active policy in the field of land and property relations;
RO10 - use the knowledge of modern technologies of automation of design, cadastral and other works related to the State land cadastre, territorial planning, land management, land surveying;
RO11 - manage the existing software and technology complexes in the process of conducting land cadastre, drafting and schemes of land management and urban planning, territorial planning;
RO12 - to participate in project activities in the land and property sector of the national economic complex on the basis of a systematic approach, to be able to build models to describe and predict the use of land and other real estate, to carry out their qualitative and quantitative analysis.
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