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Land use planning


Geography and Environmental Sciences

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ON1. to collect, process, analyze and systematize the initial data and scientific and technical information on the research topic, the choice of methods and means of solving problems, the development of projects and schemes of land management, land use planning;
ON2. apply modern methods of land management and economic mechanisms of rational use and protection of land for the rational distribution and use of land resources in different sectors of the economy, based on land legislation and sections of other branches of law relating to land, as real estate, ownership and use of natural resources, environmental component of nature, etc.
ON3. to develop work plans and programs for research and technical development, to organize the preparation of tasks for performers; to prepare tasks for the development of projects and schemes of territorial, landscape planning, urban planning and land management; thematic models of forecasting, planning and management of land resources and real estate;
ON4. apply methods: landscape design and planning in land management, taking into account environmental aspects; remote sensing for data collection for the development of land management projects for the rational use and protection of land;
ON5. to develop projects of inter-farm and on-farm land management with economic feasibility with the requirements of environmental and land legislation, organize land records to carry out activities on land management, to ensure the safe conduct of operations;
ON6. to develop projects and schemes of rational use and protection of lands of administrative-territorial formations, land users and landowners and to carry out explanatory works on rational and effective land use, on protection of lands before any audience and to scientifically prove the decisions made by it on land management;
ON7. conduct monitoring, inventory and evaluation of land and real estate on the basis of technical,economic and socio-environmental analysis of the effectiveness of projects and schemes of land management in accordance with standards, specifications and regulations;
ON8. to create a geodatabase for the automated systems of designing and management of land resources;
ON9. conduct monitoring studies of natural and land resources and other objects on the basis of remote sensing methods and geoinformation technologies for land management purposes.
ON10. use for research purposes methods of economic and mathematical modeling and forecasting for territorial planning, development of agriculture, rural areas;
ON11. to differentiate the priorities of research and training activities vis-a-vis their own academic interests with the social, ethnic values, needs of industry and society;
ON12. build a research process on the topic of the thesis, argumentatively and reasonably present the scientific results for discussion in scientific discussions and publications in the rating journals of international databases Thomson-Reuters or Scopus, as well as in national and international peer-reviewed publications.
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  Data for 2017-2020 years
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