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Geography and Environmental Sciences

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Upon completion of this educational program, students are expected to be able to:
1. interpret methodological knowledge in the field of geography and environment, as well as knowledge of the scientific basis of geographical forecast;
2. evaluate the actual problems and achievements of modern geography; professional activities of geographer, the basic laws of the economy of nature management and mechanisms of environmental management, as well as mechanisms of innovative development of Kazakhstan's economy;
3. to integrate geographical methods in the study and zoning of territorial natural complexes and economic-geographical systems;
4. to apply GIS and geoinformation technologies for analysis, evaluation, monitoring of actual geographical processes and phenomena.
5. critically assess the geopolitical and geo-economic situation of countries and their regions, and develop recommendations for their resolution;
6. assess the state of PCBs (natural and economic systems) and predict the development of PTC (natural and territorial complexes) and SETS (socio-economic territorial systems)
7. to identify and diagnose current problems of the environment, to solve geo-ecological problems related to sustainable development;
8. implement the creation of geodatabases, storage and processing of databases, use geoinformation technologies and cartographic methods in geographical research;
9. choose project management models, analyze their effectiveness, taking into account the risks of adapting these models to specific geographical management and forecasting tasks;
10. to obtain new and scientifically grounded results on the basis of experimental researches and to formulate problems and tasks, to make short reports and to refer author's works in the world science;
11. to obtain practical results and recommendations of applied nature on the basis of geographical research using GIS technologies and conduct international research projects.
12. to carry out educational and methodical and pedagogical activity in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages in educational institutions of higher and secondary professional education structures and in research organizations
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