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High School of Economics and Business

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ON1 Solve topical problems in the development of marketing based on the study of modern research directions in the field of planning and conducting research, monitoring markets, consumers, developing types of marketing using innovative methods and information technologies in a globalizing world
ON2 Research projects for the development of regions, goods, services and services have a special state importance based on the latest achievements of the theory and practice of marketing
ON3 Generalize knowledge of the latest marketing theories, understanding the development of organizational and consumer behavior in the market, the innovative development of project and business process management in the aim of development educational programs, work plans, teaching materials used in the process of teaching disciplines and managing students' research
ON4 Develop recommendations for the strategic development of the enterprise based on the analysis of information in the field of development territorial marketing, business planning, application of decisions in the field of marketing activities of organizations, in the field of consumer and organizational behavior
ON5 Monitor the external and internal environment of the company based on the assessment of the problems of global marketing development, elements of the marketing mix, the results of marketing activities of the main competitors, their market share, their capabilities, prospects for using innovative marketing methods, communication technologies
ON6 Plan, organize and conduct applied research using modern methods, technologies in the field of market analysis, consumers, competitors, company personnel in the context of territorial and global development
ON7 Develop management decisions on the formation of product, range of goods, pricing, sales and communication policies and on the use of business planning tools in the context of marketing management
ON8 Create products, brands, innovative systems of product promotion, the principles of forming relationships with consumers, with suppliers based on the unique and creative approach
ON9 Develop strategic and operational marketing plan for the main elements of the marketing mix, improving market analysis, expanding enterprises, managing marketing, staffing, applying types and technologies of marketing.
ON10 Design work of the implementation of innovative marketing methods, communication policy tools, research technologies, development of management decisions in marketing, business planning, and the formation principles of organizational behavior and human resource management in enterprises.
ON11 Propose new marketing decisions on the strategic development of the enterprise, organizational behavior and effective interaction of market participants; innovative marketing methods taking into account territorial features and methods for evaluating the effectiveness of management decisions in marketing, the effectiveness of the use of interactive marketing in social networks
ON12 Determine the direction of furture personal and professional development, the most effective areas of application of their abilities in the aim of creating the basis for the development of their own professional and personal competences in the field of marketing management in companies, teaching activities, conducting scientific marketing research
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  Data for 2017-2020 years
  Data for 2017-2020 years