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High School of Economics and Business

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Apply the methods of analytical work related to the domestic and foreign economy, various aspects of the activities of commercial and non-profit organizations of various organizational and legal forms, public authorities and local self-government, foreign economic associations under the ministries, business cooperation associations, regional foreign trade associations for the analysis and assessment of economic stability, determining ways to solve socio-economic and financial problems.
Compare and explain statistical, tax and financial statements to develop budgets, strategic, tactical and operational plans of enterprises, institutions, organizations to determine the competitive advantages and forms of regional and international business and to forecast the world markets, demand and supply responses to price changes caused by fluctuations in the exchange rate of the national currency.
Choose the optimal directions and projects of investment activity of enterprise, to adapt and diversify it, in order to determine and predict the economic consequences of the investment decisions, by using the basic regulatory laws of establishing and principles of functioning of economic systems and financial security of economic entities. Develop and implement innovative products and services to improve the company's position in the domestic market.
Identify the main trends in the development of the world and national economy and analyze the consequences of management decisions, participate in the preparation and implementation of commercial, investment, production policy measures of the organization (company) in the field of foreign trade and international business. To critically evaluate the nature of cyclicity as a general configuration of economic dynamics and the mechanism of "origin" of economic crises.
Develop, implement, adjust and modernize analytical methods to adopt effective strategies and improve the competitiveness and financial stability of the enterprise, the ability to navigate in various socio-economic, political and emergency situations. Calculate the economic and technical indicators of business projects used by the enterprise in a particular sector of the economy and contribute to the achievement of the goal corresponding to the mission of the economic entity.
Assess the statistical data to explain the growth or decline of the economy, using economic and mathematical models. Analyze and generalize the statistical sample on the main macroeconomic indicators to build a linear function for predicting the state of the Republic of Kazakhstan and/or the region, evaluating the developed growth model on the hypotheses of reliability and unreliability of statistical data to achieve adequacy in model.
Estimate the investment activity of enterprise to determine the return on investment, payback periods and risks of investment projects, to determine the factors that can affect the actual results of investment and adjust their effect. Develop and implement a plan of post-investment monitoring activities to achieve this goal, the tasks of increasing the total net income of companies.
Analyze, systematize and use various sources of information and materials for financial and economic calculations, independently apply the methods of processing documents and scientific reports, the accumulation of information in the registers of synthetic and analytical accounting, generate statistical, tax and financial statements. To use the data of quantitative and qualitative observations to identify laws of functioning of economic systems of different levels.
Generalize and critically evaluate, correctly apply the results obtained by domestic and foreign researchers, give definition to various economic phenomena, know, identify and conduct research on current scientific socio-economic problems of the domestic and world economy, to justify the theoretical, methodological and practical significance of the chosen topic of scientific research in order to expand existing and obtain new knowledge.
Compare the developed economic-mathematical and/or econometric models of the forecast for economic growth/decline of the country or sales of goods of the enterprise to determine methods and measures to improve the overall financial and economic condition and develop a roadmap to eliminate threats and risks, strengthen weaknesses and optimally use the benefits, as well as human resources and material resources.
Substantiate based on the analysis the strategy of business entities behavior in various segments of the domestic and foreign markets (including foreign economic) for the long, medium and short term. Analyze political and economic problems in assessing specific economic situations and microeconomic tendencies, suggest ways to solve them and evaluate the expected results; justify the use of new technologies.
Justify the point of view on introduction or application of the forecast model in oral and written forms in the Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages for the solution of tasks on improvement of economic activity of the enterprise, branch or region. To lead the team in the sphere of professional activities, with tolerance of social, ethnic, religious and cultural differences, the historical heritage of the state.
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