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Accounting and Audit


High School of Economics and Business

  • Model of graduating student
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  • Professional
Upon completion of this program, it is expected that undergraduates will be able to:
ON1 Use research and development programs in accounting, management and tax accounting, auditing and business analysis and monitor their implementation
ON2 Assess the surrounding reality on the basis of ideological positions formed by knowledge of the analysis and methodology of the audit of financial statements;
ON3 Implement a comprehensive vision of modern problems of accounting, management, tax accounting, auditing and business analysis and understanding the relationship of the management process in general and the organization of all types of business accounting and analysis
ON4 To work with the skills of public business and scientific communications (presentations, negotiations) to solve communication problems of modern technical tools and information technology.
ON5 Analyze financial, accounting and other information contained in the financial statements of enterprises of various forms of ownership, organizations, departments and use the information obtained to make management decisions
ON6 Develop options for management decisions and justify them based on criteria of socio-economic efficiency
ON7 Manage economic services and divisions in enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership, in state and local authorities
ON8 Discuss the scientific position based on a deep understanding of the accounting system and scientific macroeconomic analysis
ON9 Assess situations in the system of in-depth management accounting and financial reporting of insurance organizations
ON10 Prepare project tasks for technologically solving a scientific problem in new accepted international standards on accounting and auditing
ON11 To be capable of analytical work, the ability to carry out research and innovation activities in order to obtain new knowledge, the willingness to apply this knowledge for expert assessment of real management situations
ON12 Formulate a problem and create teams of professionals and work effectively in teams, defend your position, convince, find compromise and alternative solutions
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