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Biology and Biotechnology

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ON1. Analyze the genetic regulation of functioning of biosystems at molecular, cellular, whole-body and populational levels;
ON2. Interpret the reasons and mechanisms of emergence of molecular genetic, epigenetic, populational and evolutional variability;
ON3. Use genetic approaches to generate new highly productive strains of microorganisms, plant cultivars and animal breeds, completed by diagnostics and therapy of hereditary diseases, genetic monitoring of the environment;
ON4. Apply modern molecular genetic methods in various fields of biological, medical and agricultural sciences;
ON5. Formulate conclusions and practical recommendations on the basis of representative and original research outputs;
ON6. Carry out, process and analyze scientific, technical and licensing information by the topic of research using informational technologies including web technologies;
ON7. Develop and teach basic as applied courses based on student oriented approach using digital technologies, interactive teaching methods, forms and tools;
ON8. Design and conduct complex investigations including transdisciplinary research based on the analysis of basic and applied issues of biology, medicine, biotechnology, ecology and agriculture;
ON9. Draft plans of professional activities counting the ethical and legal norms and principles of bioethics;
ON10. Take personal responsibility of the research quality and moral obligations to protect nature and biodiversity and maintain human health;
ON11. Elaborate research plan and present the data of personal investigations to the research community;
ON12. Present research and production projects, apply for the reseach scholarships, fulfill professional and personal self-education for professional growth; be able to work in team.
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  Data for 2017-2020 years
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