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Russian Language and Literature


Faculty of Philology and World Languages

  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
1. To demonstrate deep knowledge about the current state and trends of scientific knowledge in the field of linguistics, literature and methodology of professional education;
2. Describe the content of the latest scientific theories, determine their research potential in the system of modern paradigms of scientific knowledge in the fields of linguistics, literature and methodology of educational activity;
3. critically evaluate and interpret the latest developments in linguistics and literary criticism, using them in the work on the selected topic of the thesis research;
4. Use fundamental philological knowledge and methods of philological analysis to creatively solve problem problems and situations in education, science and other social practices;
5. apply innovative technologies in the field of teaching Russian language and literature;
6. To estimate and generalize the information on the basic tendencies of development of scientific concepts and schools in the field of modern Russian and Kazakhstani linguistics and literary criticism;
7. to use modern scientific methods in the organization of independent scientific and scientific-methodical researches, to interpret the obtained results and give them an objective assessment;
8. Generate new knowledge, solve new tasks of professional activity in an original and creative way;
9. to integrate the main theoretical positions and key ideas of scientific directions and schools in linguistics and literary criticism into the process of practical activity;
10. argumentatively and correctly, clearly and consistently defend their own scientific position in situations of scientific and organizational communication;
11. to be able to reflect, to objectively evaluate their achievements, to independently and autonomously continue education.
12. to carry out communication on the topic and results of dissertation research in scientific discussion, etc.
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