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The Сhemical Technology of Explosives and Pyrotechnics


Chemistry and Chemical Technology

  • Scientific and pedagogical direction - Master of Technical Sciences
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
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1. To interpret the calculations of the combustion of condensed systems of energy-intensive materials in order to create an optimal composition.
2. To substantiate the choice of methods for controlling the kinetics of chemical and phase transformations in the process of explosion, in the transition of combustion to explosion in the technological processes of production of energy-intensive materials.
3. To apply in practice requirements of normative documentation to safety of production, storage and use of energy-intensive materials;
4. To calculate the brisance and efficiency of energy-intensive materials for practical use in the mining industry and in the construction industry.
5. To find technological solutions to scientific problems related to the optimization of energy-intensive materials.
6. To apply specific features of means of initiation of energy-intensive materials in the conditions of their practical use in the construction industry.
7. To formulate the problems and tasks of scientific research, in accordance with the stages of optimization and evaluation of thermal characteristics of energy-intensive materials.
8. To demonstrate traditional and innovative methods of research taking into account safety standards.
9. To evaluate the features of combustion in the solid phase in the technological cycles of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis of energy-intensive materials;
10. To formulate promising directions in the field of fast chemical and physico-chemical transformations of energy-intensive substances and materials;
11. To conduct research on combustion, detonation and explosion simulating the main technological processes of transformation of energy-intensive materials.
12. To identify the social and environmental impacts of testing and use of energy-intensive materials.
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