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International journalism



  • Scientific and pedagogical direction - Master of Social Sciences
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
Graduates - bachelors at the end of this OP will be able to:
ON 1 C to create a media product of an international theme . To rank the mission of international journalism, follow the principles of freedom of speech and independence of the media and social responsibility of an international journalist , effectively implement the functions of the media , recognize methods, tools and professions .
ON 2 Distinguish between the main stage s and the process s of foreign journalism , to assess the history and patterns of development, its best specimens, to adapt the experience of foreign journalism in the practice of modern international and Kazakh media .
ON 3 Marshall job editions as the production and technical structures, own technical means of printed and electronic journalism and understand the specifics of the issue of publications of various types, as well as the typology of the print and electronic media , to operate in the collection, processing and reproduction of the media in line with modern requirements content and the latest media technology .
ON 4 Use the principles and means of media economics and media planning in various industries (print media, radio, television, new media), the pricing policy of the media industry; explain and analyze the structure and specifics of the global information market .
ON 5 adapt new technologies in practice , own methods of working with the media in a multimedia, interactive environment , create hypertext, form the content of web - publication in accordance with the requirements of relevance, efficiency, multi-platform.
ON 6 Differentiate the main trends and development of modern foreign media , master the basics of work in data projects, multimedia projects.
ON 7 In yyavlyat , compare and analyze various kinds of problems of modern society , to establish causal connections and relationships, to evaluate the role of the world of journalism in their resolution , be skilled in building an information context for the international media .
ON 8 P ukovodstvovatsya in professional work law governing the operation of both domestic and foreign media, navigate the legal aspects of both domestic and foreign media during the election period, decides to be typical tasks associated with issues of legal regulation of mass media activities , use the right to freedom of expression to achieve goals .
ON 9 To value the effectiveness of international and domestic media in terms of the degree of influence on public opinion, plan and choose methods for studying the audience , own methods of sociological research of media materials , develop methods of working in social networks in order to increase the efficiency of journalism and editorial activities .
ON 10 To examine the professional activities of the main Kazakhstani and international documents on journalistic ethics , to understand the causes of moral and ethical problems and violations related to professional journalistic activities , to apply the writing of scientific and research texts .
ON 11 Adapting new communications and digital technology in professonalnoy activities apply integrated communications to inform international and foreign policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
ON 12 To substantiate the role of foreign media in the process of shaping the structure of modern society and the functioning of social institutions; About broadcasting international events, creating materials for mass media in certain genres, formats using different sign systems (verbal, photo, audio, video, graphic) depending on the type of media .
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