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Religious studies


Philosophy and Political Science

  • Scientific and pedagogical direction - Master of Humanities
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
1. To determine the nature and specificity of religious problems and analyze the significance of religious phenomena in modern society, as well as the role of religious studies in modern integration processes;
2. Differentiate the stages of development of religious processes according to the main modern concepts of world and Kazakhstan religious studies, their main authors, schools and trends, conceptual differences between them, the main content of theological discussions of modernity;
3. Formulate and solve problems arising in the course of research activities and requires in-depth professional knowledge;
4. To identify the common and the specific in various human concepts developed in ancient, national and world religions, as well as the main paradigms of modern religious anthropology;
5. Choose the necessary research methods, modify existing ones and develop new methods based on the objectives of a specific study.
6. To analyze religious studies, philosophical, socio-political and scientific literature on the basis of a scientific analysis of trends in the social, economic and spiritual development of society;
7. To evaluate, from the standpoint of academic religious studies, the phenomenon of religious experience in various religious traditions;
8. To present the results of the work done in the form of reports, abstracts, articles, designed in accordance with the existing requirements, with the involvement of modern means and editing;
9. To carry out scientific design of various types (research project, scientific article, dissertation, etc.) in the field of history of Kazakhstan and foreign religious studies;
10. Interpret the knowledge of the specific features of religious and religious-philosophical thought of the West and East, religious and secular philosophy, analysis of the sacred texts of world religions;
11. To advise, process and provide materials on religion in the media, in various state organizations, public organizations, commercial and non-profit structures;
12. Participate in the development of scientific projects in the field of religious studies that require education in the relevant direction
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