"Designing the curriculum and modules, structure and quality assurance of the educational process"

At the ITMO University on April 16-20, 2018 a seminar "Designing the curriculum andmodules, structure and quality assurance of the educational process" was held.During the presentation, the results of six local seminars on the analysis of needs and thedesign of training modules at partner universities were presented.Teachers of partner universities discussed the structure of the curriculum and thecompetencies of the disciplines for the eight educational online modules that will be. The projectinvolves the competence of each institution: Spanish colleagues from the University ofValladolid have a serious expertise in the field of waste processing, technological competencies.Partners from the Lillebalt Academy have a rich experience of cooperation with industrialpartners, innovative companies. University of Tampere is the coordinator of the project, and alsohas accumulated experience in the field of online learning.For the project participants - representatives of the universities of Denmark, Spain,Russia, Kazakhstan - this seminar was a good opportunity to gain new knowledge and exchangeexperiences.

Publication date :  5/5/2018